What to Expect

What to Expect: 
Orthodontic Consultation

Prior to Visit: You will receive an email from our new patient coordinators welcoming you to the practice and including two different ways to fill out the medical history, either from a printable PDF or a link to access the paperwork on our website. The day before the appointment, you will receive a phone call from our treatment coordinators and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any orthodontic concerns prior to your consultation.

In Office: When you arrive, you will receive a tour of the office. Our treatment coordinators, Tracy or Emily, will discuss your medical history and any orthodontic concerns you may have. Next, you will see our website and all of the highlights including patient login, orthodontic appliances, patient education, the reward system, and so much more! The treatment coordinator will take a series of photographs and a 3D radiograph that Dr. Valiathan will use to assess your individual orthodontic needs. Dr. Valiathan will discuss orthodontic treatment duration, treatment options, and appliances available for your treatment. Afterwards, our experienced treatment coordinators will review our financial policies, insurance coverage, and flexible payment options. Our team looks forward to working with you in order to achieve your new smile.

What to Expect:
Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Welcome to Summit Dental Specialists! Dr. Gindi and our staff look forward to meeting you and your child at their first dental visit. When you arrive at our office, we will be ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Upon entering our front reception area, children are welcome to visit our game room where they will find video games, puzzles, magazines, and I-pads for their entertainment. One of our team members will greet you and your child and provide a full office tour.

Once you are directed to the treatment area, expect us to ask you questions regarding your child’s medical history and any concerns you may have. If your child has had any prior dental treatment, we may request records, such as radiographs, be sent to our office. Children are encouraged to recline back and enjoy our ceiling televisions throughout treatment. Our dental hygienists’ will provide a gentle and detailed exam, a preventative cleaning, and discuss home-care instructions with you and your child. Radiographs may or may not be taken at the first visit based on your child’s risk for cavities. Dr. Gindi will provide a comprehensive exam and determine if any treatment is necessary. Our friendly dental assistants will be by your child’s side to support them as needed throughout all treatment. Once your child’s treatment is complete, our team will review all findings with you and address any concerns you may have. If treatment is necessary, Dr. Gindi and our staff will present you with a detailed breakdown of all procedures recommended and your estimated costs.

Our dental team takes great pride caring for each child’s unique needs and tailoring our recommendations to fit their individual circumstances. Prior to leaving the office, children will be offered a prize, a home-care kit, and a picture with Dr. Gindi. It is our pleasure to help your family establish a dental home with us. The dental home represents an ongoing relationship between dentist and patient, inclusive of all aspects of oral health care delivered in a comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated and family-centered way. We look forward to meeting you and caring for your child in our state of the art office.