Valiathan Rewards

Points will be awarded for:

  • Being on time
  • Great brushing and hygiene
  • No broken brackets
  • Wearing rubber bands, retainers, and/or appliances as instructed
  • Patients can earn an extra point by wearing their Dr. Valiathan t-shirt and by sending us pictures of themselves out and about wearing their shirts.

Patients must bring their card, or a cell phone picture of the card number, to each appointment in order to receive their points. Each point is worth $0.25.

Mutual patients of Dr. Valiathan and Dr. Gindi have the option to combine their reward points. At any time throughout treatment, patients are welcome to redeem the prize, so long as their accounts are in good standing. Patients will also have the option to turn in their card at the end of their orthodontic treatment.

Once points are redeemed in office, patients can look forward to receiving a Giant Eagle gift card via USPS the following month. Gift cards may be used at Giant Eagle to purchase another gift card. Options may include, Amazon, Bath & Body Works, Chipotle, Toys R Us, and more.

*Prize list is subject to change. No points awarded at emergency appointments.

Check your Valiathan Rewards Card balance!