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I'd like to avoid x-rays on my child. Are they really that important?

"Since every child is unique, the need for dental radiographs varies from child to child. X-rays are prescribed only when they are likely to yield information that a visual examination cannot. Radiographs detect much more than cavities. For example, x-rays may be needed to survey eruption of teeth, diagnose bone diseases, evaluate the results of an injury, or plan orthodontic treatment. Lead body aprons and shields used in our office help protect your child. Our advanced equipment filters out unnecessary x-rays and restricts the radiographic exposure to only the area of interest. Our office uses only digital x-rays, which decreases radiation exposure by approximately 75-85 percent less that traditional x-ray films. The frequency of x-ray films is determined by each patient's individual needs." - Dr. Gindi

Sometimes I hear my child grinding his/her teeth at night. Should I be concerned?

"It is very common to see evidence of teeth grinding in children. Most children will stop grinding once their six-year permanent molars erupt. Prior to this, children's bites are very flexible and subject to changes as they grow. There are a number of reasons that cause children to grind their teeth, however most of the time treatment is not necessary at the developmental stage.  My team and I will chart wear patterns and recommend treatment when appropriate. The most important thing that we watch for is wear on the permanent teeth. In most cases this is a subconscious response and will change with age and growth." - Dr. Gindi


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