Ask Dr. Valiathan

I only want to straighten my front teeth. Can this be done in 6 months to make my smile look better?

"Absolutely. Straightening teeth can be accomplished relatively easily and quickly. However, movement of teeth also alters how the teeth fit together. It is therefore important that straightening of teeth be accompanied by careful evaluation of changes in bite." - Dr.Valiathan

My teeth look straight... Now when can my braces come off?

“Braces do two things; 1. Straighten teeth and 2. Get the teeth to fit together the way they are supposed to. Now that your teeth are straight, we will get the upper and lower teeth to fit together, the way they are supposed to. You can help by keeping your teeth and gums clean (as swollen gums slow down tooth movement) and wear your elastics the way you have been instructed, which again help in getting your teeth to fit together better.” - Dr. Valiathan


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