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Welcome to our office.  Summit Dental Specialists Inc, is a leading pediatric dental and orthodontic practice in the Cleveland and Akron area, located in Macedonia, Ohio.

Dr. Manish Valiathan, a Board certified orthodontist, is dedicated to improving the esthetic and functional needs of your teeth, smile and face.   He utilizes techniques and appliances to provide the most efficient and optimal results including esthetic options designed to replace traditional braces; Invisalign (clear aligners).

Dr. Daniel Gindi, Board certified pediatric dentist, is committed to providing your children the best oral health care needs vital for your babies, toddlers and adolescents.  He is specially trained in the management of children with a variety of special needs, medical conditions and trauma.

Our staff is well trained and dedicated to making your pediatric dental and/or orthodontic treatment a fun and rewarding experience for the family.